At Pacific Excavation

we strive to provide services that match our client’s needs
We offer a diversified array of construction services that allows us to reduce cost and provide complete projects with our own resources. Our team of professionals are cross trained in many aspects of construction which allows us to construct the most technical projects and meet the most demanding schedules.

Over 20 years of building and nurturing client, supplier, and subcontractor relationships allows us to maintain market leading cost advantages and value engineering opportunities.

We Offer The Following Services:


We provide all types of Earthwork Services – large or small. With an excellent fleet of excavators and dozers equipped with Topcon GPS technology we perform many of our projects under GPS machine control. Our fleet includes excavators small enough to perform in the tightest construction environments, large machines capable of reaching excavation depths over 25-feet, and a trucking capacity to handle it all. Our crews are second to none in delivering quality earthwork in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Underground Utilities

We are a highly diversified Underground Utility Contractor dating back to our origins in 1999. Pacific Excavation was founded on its underground utility construction expertise and continues to grow and thrive 20+ years later with new product installations and technologies. Our underground capabilities include: Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drainage, Domestic and Fire Water, Franchise Utilities, Force Mains, and Detention Systems. We have multiple employees trained in HDPE Pipe Fusion and have performed numerous projects utilizing all types of pipe materials.

Site Development & Subdivisions

A large piece of our target market is Site Development and Subdivision Construction. We perform site development from beginning to end. Our clients are our focus, and we tailor our services to meet their needs, budget, and schedule. Our goal is on-time, on-budget with no punch list while maintaining the highest level of safety. Our crews are well trained in safe work practices and are extremely experienced working on tight project sites with other trades.

From small subdivisions containing a few homes to large scale developments with over 100 home sites, we perform at the highest level to provide our clients with a cost-effective project. We perform all facets of subdivision work and offer a final product ready for home construction.

Civil Mechanical

Pacific Excavation has over 15 years of Civil Mechanical experience with a group of professionals capable of performing a variety of projects. We perform full treatment plant construction, alterations to existing facilities, pump and lift stations, chemical piping, holding tanks, reservoirs, and structural concrete. From large wastewater and water treatment plant construction of new facilities for cities to small on site commercial and privately owned treatment facilities we have significant experience. Our team is well versed in providing value engineering options giving our clients cost savings and efficient product options.

Civil & Structural Concrete

Our concrete team provides all types of Civil & Structural Concrete including but not limited to: Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, Ramps, ADA Access, Walls, Foundations, holding structures, and bridges. Providing these services with our own team of professionals allows us to maintain a low-cost approach and we have an excellent reputation for quality workmanship. We are accustomed to providing projects with tight tolerances such ADA accessibility including ADA compliant street crossings, sidewalks, and ramp accesses.


At Pacific Excavation we understand the importance of having a well-maintained trucking fleet. We have 10 trucks in our fleet with trailer capabilities to handle excavation disposal or imported material needs at high production levels. Our skilled drivers have many, many years of experience and are accustomed to driving in extreme construction and weather conditions, as necessary.

Budgeting Assistance

Our estimators will work with your team to provide accurate budgets at the early stages of your design.

Vac Truck & Hydro Flushing

New for 2020, Pacific Excavation offers full-service vacuum excavation and hydro-flushing services. Our full-size Vac Truck can accommodate the toughest of vac excavation projects and has the capability to reach up to 100 feet of horizontal distance with added suction piping. The truck is also equipped with full flushing capabilities that allows us to flush sewer and storm lines for cleaning and testing.

Hydro Excavation

This technology uses high-pressure water – either hot or cold – to move the soil or debris while simultaneously vacuuming it out. Hydrovac excavation, unlike other forms of excavation, prevents damage to fragile underground facilities. It is considered one of the safest forms of excavation.

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